General Information – Please see specific pages for complete details.

  • We have some items that will be the same every day we are at the National. (See Schedule)
  • There will be items provided for breakfast (baked goods) and coffee. This will be supplied by the Clubs. (See Schedule)
  • Most of the activities will be held in the Great Hall. The room is 300? long and 150? wide and covered with a dog friendly surface.
  • There will be multiple Obedience and Rally Trials. The opportunity to finish your dog during the week. (See Schedule)
  • Every evening we will have a place to meet and talk to old friends and new friends. This will be at the Service Center, which is adjacent to the Event Center and the RV Parking area. (See Schedule and Purina Farms Sitemap)
  • The RV Parking area has 74 spaces. If you are planning to bring an RV or rent an RV you may reserve a space. You will need to send a $35 deposit (the cost of one night). You need to let the Chair know what your vehicle will be and what nights you will be staying. The RV Chairs are Lyle & Margaret Rothschiller, 6942 County Road 4730, Pamona, MO 65789-9587
    Phones (417)274-4990 or (417)274-3740 (See RV Parking and Purina Farms Sitemap)
  • The hotel we have under contract is the Holiday Inn at Six Flags in Eureka, MO. I will not call it the ?host hotel? because there are no dinners being held at the hotel. All dinners are at the Event Center. The rate for rooms with two beds is $119.00/night. There is a one-time $35 charge for anyone in the block of rooms whether they have dogs or not. The hotel has an indoor pool and a restaurant. There is also a building for bathing and grooming dogs. This has been a ?host hotel? for the National in 1986 and 1998. The hotel is also used for most of the dog shows and events held at Purina Farms. (See Hotels)
  • Unless there is an activity in the Event Center, the building will close at 6 p.m. Dogs will not be allowed to be in the building overnight. (See Schedule)
  • We will not be asking for Donations for the Awards & Ribbons. All have been donated already. We will be billing for the ones not already paid after the beginning of the year
  • There are 5 bathing stations in the Event Center and 1 in the Service Center. There are rest rooms with showers (for people) also in the Service Center. (See Purina Farms Sitemap and Grooming)
  • We have grooming spaces available in many sizes. Please reserve a space using only the actual space you feel you will need. Since this is a National you will probably be moving your chairs around to see the ring and friends. We will need to plan for how much grooming room we need so we may set up the area properly. The grooming spaces will have electricity and be climate controlled. (See Grooming)