$10.00 First photo entry, $5 each addition entry (no limit).
Photos will be displayed NEED DATE to NEED DATE. Judging will be Thursday Morning. No frames, or embellishments. No larger than 5 x 7 in size. I cannot accept any digital copies because I won?t be able to print them. All photos may be picked up after the event.

Please do not send me your original copy. I do not want you to lose it due to unforeseen circumstances. So, dust off those cameras and start clicking!
Photos must be the original work of the entrant, except in the Professional Category. Judging is based on visual quality of the photographs, its originality, and its relationship to the category.

Photos may be mounted on poster or mat board. Please do not send framed photos. On the back of each photo, write your name, phone number and category. (Title or caption optional). Please do not put name, title or any identifying marks on the front of the photo.
Do not send irreplaceable photos. We cannot be responsible for lost or damaged photos.

All mailed photos need to be received by NEED DATE.

Photos may be hand delivered by 4 pm

Categories are:

? Professional Photographs
? puppies 0 ? 6 months
? Humorous Saints
? Working Saints
? Saints and Friends
? Surf, Sand and Saints

Prizes: First to fourth – Ribbon in Each Category
Rosette and Prize for ?Best in Show? and ?Best Professional Photograph?