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An update from the host hotel…

Our update this week does not include any specific changes to the Governor?s mitigation efforts, we most definitely are still positive that we are riding a forward movement and anticipate significant changes soon. Here are the reasons why:

~ The Governor?s office has agreed to the continuation of conversations with PRLA and they are looking to schedule another call next week. If you remember, there was a point in time when he would not even consider a call, so this is definite progress!

~ The fact that a number of states are opening up?.some of them completely is definitely in our favor, specifically states surrounding us like New York and Maryland.

~ He has said that there will NOT be any additional efforts put forth for St. Patrick?s Day, which was an obvious concern.

~ The conversations again are to get a timeline issued in terms of the exact timing of when things will open up, as we all know, it is no help to do things at the last minute!

The next update will be next Wednesday and if anything changes in the interim, I will definitely let everyone know.

As always, please reach out with any questions; we truly appreciate your patience and perseverance during these challenging times.

Management & Staff

Lehigh Valley Hotel & Conference Center