RV Parking

Saint Bernard Club of America, Inc.
Recreational Vehicle Parking
2020 National / Bethlehem, PA

The hotel is providing water hook ups, please bring your own hoses. There will be no electric offered. Midweek we will have a ‘sanitary truck’ coming to pump out your RV septic at no charge. An adult must be present with your vehicle for this. The use of your private generator is allowed. Please be respectful of other campers around you with your generator fumes and noise. There is NO private bathing of dogs allowed in the RV camping area. A hot water, enclosed dog bathing area is adjacent to the RV parking for this. Quiet time in the RV area is from 11:00PM to 6:00AM. If you arrive with your RV during the night: pull in and park off to the side, you will be directed where to park the following day. There will be NO drive thru traffic allowed in the RV Camping area. There is NO ‘day’ parking allowed in the RV Camping area. Anyone visiting the RV Camping area is to park in the regular hotel parking lot. These rules will be strictly enforced. Grooming vehicles can park in the RV Camping area at no charge, but you must still register for a parking spot.

Any questions email John Balikowski at: BDL@Rochester.RR.com

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