The Bethlehem, PA National Specialty is on!

From Vic Dingus, Show Chair:

The phone number for reservations at the Lehigh Valley Best Western Conference Center is (610) 866-5800.

You do not need to ask for any specific person to speak to.

Management has been notified that we are coming and the front desk is prepared to receive calls and make reservations.

If you have any questions regarding anything about the Bethlehem National Specialty,

contact Vic at

Important Information!

  • Grounds open for grooming and vendor set up – Saturday afternoon by 2:00pm
  • Social Distancing is required at all times indoors and outdoors
  • Rings will have social distance boundary
  • Masks required at all times in and around rings/grounds
  • No COVID test needed now
  • Waivers must be turned in and on file to obtain colored wrist band for the week.

Annual Dinner limited at this time to 75, first come first serve – Reservations to Fran

No Top-Twenty in Bethlehem PA – see you in Utah!

Judge change from Judge Horst Vogel to Judge Art Shook: Non-Regular Dog Classes, Stud Dog/Brood Bitch/Brace Classes on Saturday

Annual Meeting Friday – may be outdoors

  • ?Foundry Restaurant? and ?Bar With No Name? are not reopened
  • Restaurant breakfast – bagged muffin, protein bar, and bottled water but may purchase a warm breakfast sandwich.
  • Open restaurants within one mile for hot breakfast

Important deadlines are coming fast

Entry Closing date – March 24
Catalog Ads to Lynn –
Lynn makes ad –

  • March 15th ish
  • You make ad – March 24

Regional Specialty Shows

Sunday, 11April2021

Saint Bernard Club of the Finger Lakes

Judge Terry W. Temple

Sunday, April 11?? Show Chair – Mark Gustavson

  • SBC Finger Lakes Regional Specialty – Judge Terry Temple (Conformation) and Judge Marilyn Balikowski (Sweeps) and Judge Barb Sarti-Allen (Junior Show)
  • SBCA National Specialty Pre-View Weight Pulls (139 lbs. and under class and 140 lbs. & over class) ? Judge Barry Roland
  • Activities TBD – SBC Finger Lakes

Monday, 12April2021

New England Saint Bernard Club

Judge Paul Bodeving

Monday, April 12? Show Chair – Michelle Cole

  • New England SBC Regional Specialty – Judge Paul Bodeving (Conformation and Junior Show), Judge Denis Gros-Louis (Sweeps), and Judge Barry Roland (OB)
  • Activities TBD – New England SBC

Tuesday, 13April2021

Middle Atlantic Saint Bernard

Judge John C. Ramirez

Tuesday, April 13? Show Chair – Linda Baker

  • Middle Atlantic SBC Regional Specialty – Judge John Ramirez (Conformation and Junior Show), Sylvain Sirois (Sweeps), and Barry Roland (OB)
  • SBCA National Specialty Pre-View Weight Pulls (139 lbs. and under class and 140 lbs. & over class) – Barry Roland
  • Activities – TBD Middle Atlantic SBC

National Specialty Events

Thursday, 15April2021

Sweepstakes – Judge Pam Leighton
Dog Classes – Judge Horst Vogel


Thursday, April 15? Show Chair – Victor Dingus

  • SBCA 2020 Welcoming Event – Ringside
  • National Puppy Sweepstakes – Judge Pam Leighton
  • National Dog Classes – Judge Horst Vogel
  • National Veteran and Working Dog Classes – Judge Horst Vogel

Friday, 16April2021

Bitch Classes – Judge Art Shook
All Performance Classes

Friday, April 16? Show Chair – Victor Dingus

  • National Bitch Classes – Judge Art Shook
  • National Non Regular Classes – Judge Art Shook
  • National Veteran and Working Bitch Classes – Judge Art Shook
  • National Obedience and Rally – Judge Nancy Withers
  • SBCA National Specialty Weight Pulls (139 lbs. and under class and 140 lbs. & over class) – Judge Barry Roland
  • SBCA Annual Meeting

Saturday, 17April2021

Juniors & Pee Wees – Judge Barry Roland
Best of Breed – Judge Art Shook

Saturday, April 17? Show Chair – Victor Dingus

  • Junior Showmanship Competition – Judge Barry Roland
  • Pee Wee Class Special Attraction – Judge Barry Roland
  • National Best Of Breed, National Best Puppy, Best NOHS, and Bred By Exhibitor, National Stud Dog, Brood Bitch, and Brace Classes – Judge Art Shook
  • Annual Dinner 6:00 p.m. – Hanover Ballroom – limited to 75 people

From Brandy Mead, SBCA Top 20 Chairman

The Top Twenty event held in 2021 will be held at the Utah National event in the fall. We recognize the hardships many have encountered during the last year and the impact this pandemic has had on our dog shows. During this unprecedented time, we find ourselves with qualifiers from 2 qualifying periods and 1 annual event.

The committee has worked to determine the best possible outcome for all exhibitors who have worked to qualify their dogs during these times. Simply put, it is our goal to recognize the accomplishments of the owners, breeders and handlers of all dogs that qualified for either year in the shows that were available to them.

Who gets recognition?

* All 2020 qualifiers (June 1, 2019 – May 31, 2020) who choose to submit their entry will receive a ribbon and recognition at this year?s event

* All 2021 qualifiers (June 1, 2020 – May 31, 2021) who choose to submit their entry will receive a ribbon and recognition at this year?s event

Who will compete in Utah?

* Qualifying points from both the 2020 and 2021 qualifying periods (June 1, 2019 thru May 31, 2021) will be combined and the cumulative Top 20 for that time period will be invited to show at the event in Utah this year.

– – – – – – – –

Invitations for both qualifying years will be sent at the close of the current qualifying period. Qualifiers who submit their entries will receive a ribbon, recognition, and their dog?s accomplishments in the event catalog this year. Since both qualifying periods had significant periods of time where shows were not available to the majority of the fancy, we will roll previous 2020 qualifying point totals over, combine 2021 running totals and the Top 20 of the cumulative point list at the end of the 2021 qualifying period will be invited to exhibit their qualifier at the event in Utah this Fall.

There are no other changes to standard Top Twenty point calculations, qualifications or the qualifying time period. Please continue to watch here for further updates on points, qualifying and event details and we look forward to seeing you all in Utah this Fall.

More Information Coming Soon!