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We are proud to have awesome judges for this year’s National. 

Judge announcements can be found by viewing this video, and a list of judges is shown below the video.

Judging Assignments

Saint Bernard Club of America National Specialty

  • Best of Breed: Art Shook
  • Bitches: Jack Terrio
  • Dogs: Art Shook
  • Sweepstakes: Pam Predmore
  • Junior Showmanship: Linda Towbin Baker
  • Obedience: TBD
  • Rally: Beth Bailey
  • Weight Pull: Christopher Quijano and Rachel Brown
  • Drafting Cart: Clyde Dunphy DVM and Karen Rupert

Rocky Mountain Saint Bernard Club Preshow

  • Best of Breed: Anna Mae Brown
  • Sweepstakes: Pam Hathaway
  • Junior Showmanship: Anna Mae Brown

Saint Bernard Club of Puget Sound Regional Preshow

  • Best of Breed: Linda Towbin Baker
  • Sweepstakes: Andrea Johnson
  • Junior Showmanship: Wanda Pevahouse
  • Obedience and Rally: Pat Maynard

Saint Bernard Club of Southern Oregon Regional Preshow

  • Best of Breed: Barry Roland
  • Sweepstakes: Rheanna James
  • Junior Showmanship: Barry Roland
  • Obedience and Rally: Linda Scanlon